What can An Ocean of Words Editor offer?

Professional Appraisal

As a member of the Australian Society of Authors, The Australian Writer's Marketplace, The NSW Writers Centre and the Children's Book Council of Australia, we can provide an insightful manuscript appraisal that includes:

  • Identifying narrative structure;

  • Pacing & plot development;

  • Characterisation and arcs (direction, tone and voice);

  • And, the intended target audience.

High Quality Perspective

An avid lover of prose and structure, we can maximise your manuscript potential. This is done by highlighting where:

  • Prose flows are needed;

  • And, logic should be implemented.

Personal Portfolio

A personal overview, we provide an insightful and in-depth portfolio.

The portfolio is attached to the appraising service, and includes:

  • Commentary;

  • Notations;

  • And, a discussion on current market trends in the traditional, and self-publishing spheres.

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